30th Birthday Party Ideas

The time has finally come to accept the inevitable. You are almost 30 and there’s only one thing you can do it about it. No, not a facelift – we’re talking about throwing your cares to the wind with one of the hottest 30th birthday parties Brisbane has ever seen.

So dust off that little black dress and light the candles, we’ve got a range of the best 30th birthday ideas that’ll keep them talking for the next 30 years.

Christmas Party Ideas


First off the bat for ideas for your 30th birthday party is our blind wine and cheese tasting. Order an assortment of artisan cheeses (yes, even the mysterious blue ones) and source your desired mix of red, white and rose wines. Try and find the widest range possible for the most successful party (and most intake of wine).

At the party, give each guest a notepad and dish up the goods without revealing their origin. Guests win points for correct guesses about the wine or cheese’s type, brand, and region. Truthfully, any person allowed to gorge on wine and cheese all night is already a winner.

Function Venues


Don’t worry, our 30th birthday party ideas can save any event on the rocks. Festivities will reach neat new heights with our whiskey tasting party. Pick out a selection of ‘round-the-world whiskeys for this spirited affair.

We recommend a single malt (like Macallan Amber), an American drop (such as Jack Daniel’s or Canadian Club), a home-grown whiskey (like Johhny Walker Blue or Belgrove Rye), and even a Japanese variety like Yamazaki 12 – if you’re feeling like a whiskey hotshot!

30th Birthday Ideas


You only turn 30 once (or you know, three or four times, depending) so why limit your celebrations to the ground? Ditch the amateur status and kick off your big day with a chartered helicopter tour. Most private helicopter charters offer a range of charter packages. If you have a taste for heights then a scenic tour over South East Queensland might be the perfect activity. If you love a long lunch then why not charter a flight to a destination lunch in the vineyards? If you consider yourself a photography whizz then book in for an aerial photography tour. The options are endless, so celebrate your big day up in the clouds.

High Tea Brisbane


High tea? Great. High tea with gin? Ever better. Be fair warned: our spin on the classic high tea may turn into literal spinning later in the afternoon, but as far as birthday celebration ideas go, it’s gin-uinely a favourite of ours.

Pair those finger sandwiches and melting moments with energetic gin-based cocktails. Trust us, high tea will reach daring new heights you’d never even considered – and a better welcome to 30, we couldn’t imagine.

30th Birthday Ideas


Two words and we’re instantly weak at the knees. You won’t find a sweeter birthday idea than the concept of a dessert degustation, that’s for sure. Pack tables full of your favourite goodies and let loose. Nothing says ‘I’m an adult, damn it’ more than a night of affogato, malted milk chocolate mousse, and your favourite fortified wine.

Let’s be honest, the wine is just the sherry on top of an already rockin’ 30th birthday.

Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or you’ve never set foot out of the country, take a trip to somewhere exotic and get lost exploring a whole new world.

Host a photo night

Did someone say “blonde tips”? Prepare to giggle and cringe with a best-of showcase of every snap from the nineties and noughties that you tried to bury.

Do a cocktail making class

You’re a proper grown up now and that means it’s time to stop pretending vodka and pineapple juice is a cocktail. Grab a few friends and learn to make something a little more creative – and then drink a whole lot of them!

Cocktail Party 30th Birthday

Shop ‘til you drop

It’s probably time about time to retire those boob tubes you’ve had since you were 17 – so why not just update your entire wardrobe (and shoe shelf), while you’re at it.

Throw a 1930s themed party

Flappers, dappers and Humphrey Bogart – what’s not to love about the 1930s? Get all dolled up and ready to jitterbug.

Go for a nudie run

Not for the faint of heart, shake off those inhibitions and dare to bare with a dash down the street (maybe not yours) in your birthday suit.

Have a makeover

Start the next chapter in your life’s journey with a whole new look! Whether it’s changing up your hair colour or treating yourself to some designer threads, turn the page (and a few heads) on your birthday.

30th Birthday Party Makeover

Connect with some old friends on Facebook

We all lose touch with people over time – why not rekindle some old friendships and reminisce over good times had? Facebook makes it easier than ever to find that 3rd grade bestie!

Spend a day at a spa

Prepare for your big night of 30th birthday party celebrations with a little pre-party pampering and book in for a long massage and some relaxing treatment at a day spa.

Hire a hotel room

Go big or go home! Why not treat yourself to some fluffy slippers and a 5-star snooze in a luxury hotel. Hello room service?

Have a degustation dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town

You only turn 30 once, so what better excuse to indulge at that expensive restaurant, bar or venue you’ve had on your to-do list forever? 12 course dinner, here we come.

Thirty Ideas for your 30th Birthday Party

Get a tattoo

Sorry mum! Commemorate the big 3-Oh with a little ink. Just remember, while portraits of your nana may seem like a great idea at the time, it may back fire on your next blind date.

Photo booth

Give your birthday snaps a super personal touch with your very own photo booth at your 30th birthday party! Just remember to bring along lots of fun props and prepare for some laughs.

Plan a flash mob

Surprise your guests and delight a few strangers with your very own choreographed flash mob! There’s no better feeling than those 15 minutes of YouTube fame!

Learn to dance

You might have been born with two left feet but it’s never too late to teach a more mature dog some new tricks. Sign up to a sexy salsa class or learn how to tango – arriba!

30th Birthday Party ideas Brisbane: Dance Lessons

Jump out of a plane

Go on, live a little! Nothing is more exhilarating than jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet – except maybe that first sip of the cocktail waiting for you on the ground.

Hire a limo

Stretch out in serious luxury and arrive at your party in style, because nothing says you’re aging gracefully quite like your very own chauffeur.

Run a marathon

Well why not? You’re still in the prime of your life – celebrate your youth while you’ve still got it and get fit while doing it!

Do a shot (or 5) for old times sake

So you’re a little rusty when it comes to partying, but you’ll be back in the saddle in no-time. It’s as easy as 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR!

30th Birthday Cocktail Party

Give it your all at karaoke

Load up all of your favourite tracks from the past three decades and battle it out on the microphone with your mates. Bonus points for duets or co-ordinated dance moves.

Take a helicopter ride

Unlock your inner James Bond and take to the skies with your very own private tour of Brisbane.

Learn about good wine

You’re 30 now – it’s time to leave the cheap casks on the shelf where they belong. Head to a wine tasting and start learning the ins and outs of real vino – even if you don’t learn anything, at least you’ll get a free drink out of it.

Kiss a stranger

Get up to some frisky business and steal a smooch from a beautiful stranger – just make sure you get permission from your better half first.

30th Birthday Art Classes

Get artistic

Unleash you inner Picasso and get creative with a very grown up art class (including plenty of wine) – or even better skip straight to #25.

Pose for a life drawing class

The body is a beautiful thing, so why not flaunt what your mamma gave you and pose for a life drawing class? If all else fails, it will make for a great story to tell at your 40th.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

While we would like to pretend that this one has something to do with taking the moral high ground, we both know that all we really want is an excuse to cuddle some adorable kittens.

30th Birthday Party: Kittens

1930s movie marathon

Feeling a little ancient? Spend a night watching a few of the classics, from Gone with the Wind to The Wizard of Oz, and you won’t feel quite so old in no time at all.

Make a time capsule

Lock away a little piece of history with a cool time capsule. Ask all of your guests to bring along something special or write down a message, seal it up and lock it away until your 60th birthday bash!

30 days of 30!

Why just stop at one night? Set yourself a challenge to do thirty interesting things over thirty days – just be sure to document it on Facebook for everyone to see!

21st Birthday Speech Writing Tips

History is littered with bad 21st birthday speeches that started with good intentions. A bad toast can put a sour note on any 21st birthday party – ideas like poems and talking about exes might look good on paper but will only get you groans or, worse, silence.

So here are 10 toast tips to make sure people remember your speech (regardless of how much they drink).


Logically you might think advice on how to end a speech would come at the end of the list but this one is so important, so crucial, so paramount to everyone enjoying your speech that it takes the first spot on the list. Don’t finish by saying ‘thank you’ (this isn’t a high school English speech) or by starting everyone to sing Happy Birthday (this isn’t a party for an eight year old). You finish by holding up your drink, which…. hold on.


You finish your toast by holding up your glass, saying something like ‘Here’s to the birthday boy/girl’ and inviting everyone in attendance to drink to their honour. This absolutely, most importantly, includes the guest of honour. That brings us to tip number two.


Keeping the birthday person in good supply of libations is a joint responsibility of all the partygoers but it will be your toast that falls flat if they end up empty handed when everyone else is drinking.


Don’t go to Google or Pinterest or some trashy mag to find out what to say in a 21st speech. If you’ve been asked to give the speech than you better show why.


You get to be the centre of everyone’s attention while you give the speech but the birthday girl/boy has to be the focus of the speech. That’s the deal. It might be tempting to run through a few jokes you’ve written for an open mic but if they’re not about your bestie you can give them a miss.


Got it?


It’s a fine line to tread between sober enough to be articulate and too sober to be confident but you’ll just have to trust your gut and save the kamikaze shots for after cake.


Don’t crash the mood by talking about dead pets or lost friends. This is a celebration and you want to keep spirits alive. If there’s something a little dour you have the mention, try not to linger on it. The only tears you want are from people laughing too hard.


In-jokes are fun and great to pepper in there, but don’t base your speech around things only a handful of people will understand.


Finding decent 21st birthday venues can be a bit of a drag so if this one is being held somewhere like the Acadia Room or the Verandah Room then it’s probably a good idea to give them a quick ‘job well done’. Unless they kinda miffed the venue choice, in which case…


Seriously, if you’re having your party at a lesser venue then you’re just wasting people’s time.

Top Hens Party Ideas For The Classy Bride To Be

Not every bride wants her hen’s night to involve pink tulle, bar shots and phallic symbols. If your hen cringes at the idea of a tacky night out on the town, here are some classy hen’s night ideas. 


Mexican Themed Fiesta 

For fun colourful brides that enjoy a festive celebration a Mexican themed hen’s party is a great option. Present the bride with a beautiful Mexican inspired crown to make sure everyone remembers this night is all about her and kick off the fun with a margarita making class. Pair your handmade cocktails with a flavoursome array of Mexican bites. A good idea is to include a make your own taco and burrito station. 


Champagne Brunch 

Take the ‘night’ out of Hen’s night for the ultimate classy bridal event, a champagne brunch. This has become a popular option in 2018 as more and more brides want to celebrate their upcoming nuptials in a way they won’t cringe to remember. A champagne brunch should include a Brunch bar loaded with delicious treats such as mini pancakes, fresh fruit and bagels. You’ll also want to spend some time thinking about suitable decor including fresh flowers, crystal glasses and quality china. Last but not least, don’t forget the crucial ingredient, champagne! 


Cooking Classes 

If your bride prefers getting down and dirty in the kitchen rather then the club, why not organise a private cooking class for her and her gal pals. You can invite a professional around to a private residence to take you through some recipes or you might like to organise a class at one of her favourite restaurants.  Plenty of restaurants offer the opportunity to join professional chefs for a cooking class that will not only be fun but a great learning experience for everyone involved.


All White Everything 

While it is a social sin to wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride, there is nothing wrong with everyone wearing white to the hen’s night. In fact it’s an idea that is trending at the moment and creates a great overall aesthetic. This theme is of course best suited to relaxed daytime style hen’s events where dirty clubs and kabab runs will be avoided. An elegant theme needs to be met with an elegant venue. Why not organise a long lunch in the vineyards? Pull out all the stops and organise a helicopter charter so your future bride can arrive in style. 


Private Dining

If you’re after a more intimate affair, a private dining experience is a great option. For something special, book a private dining room at your favourite restaurant and organise a multi-course menu with wine pairing. Or organise the venue to do cocktail classes with nibbles.


Private Charter

If your group has a larger budget, a private helicopter charter or sailboat charter is a unique way to celebrate your bride-to-be’s hen’s night. A helicopter charter can be organised to take the bride to a winery for lunch, where she will be met by the rest of the party. On the other hand, a sunset cruise around the bay with champagne and nibbles is a beautiful way to celebrate.


Rent a Holiday Home

Renting a holiday home is a really affordable way to celebrate a hen’s night. If your bride-to-be is a beach lover then organise a coastal getaway in one of Australia’s many beach towns. Or alternatively, plan a trip to the mountains for some fresh air and greenery. . Organise a Get there before the bride and stock the house with all the food and drinks needed for a luxury weekend away.

When it comes to the hen’s party, not all brides-to-be wish to have phallic-shaped objects all over the place, just as others don’t wish to sit in a quiet room eating sandwiches with their crusts perfectly removed. Darling & Co caters to all varieties of hen’s nights, offering several sophisticated function room available to hire for hen’s parties to make your farewell to maidenhood particularly special.

High Tea Brisbane


A modern twist on the classic bridal shower, take to town with your ladies and enjoy a hen’s high tea with a little more sparkle – and we’re not just talking about the ring. It’s time to bust out that little floral number, dust off those gloves and make like a lady with this ultimate classy hen’s party idea. Think champagne, delicate finger sandwiches, darling little quiches and heavenly macarons set against the lush botanical backdrop of our main restaurant. “Hello, decadence, are you there? It’s me again.”

Restaurants Brisbane


If you’re looking for a hen’s party idea with a little more ‘ooh, la, la’ then you just can’t go past the indulgence of the lady’s luncheon. Indulge your inner Upper East Sider with four exquisite courses like Wagyu bresaola, goats curd, truffle honey, figs, and our decadent chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream and honeycomb. For maximum effect remember to pack a swipe of red lippy and turn your long lunch into an even longer evening.

Hens Party Venues Brisbane


Planning your bridal shower doesn’t mean you have to play innocent. So why not kiss goodbye to single life in style with a sultry and super exclusive cocktail hens party a la Mad Men? Go back to the golden age of glamour and opulence while you sip boutique cocktails in your very own private candlelit function space. Add a sophisticated selection of canapés and the sinful atmosphere of our Unforgiven function room and you’ve got a classy hen’s party idea that will keep your girlfriends talking long after the big day.

Brunch Brisbane Breakfast


Ladies who lunch don’t have to have all of the fun, so when it comes to planning a classy bridal shower, sometimes it’s best not to forget the most important meal of the day. A rite of passage for every lady of high society, the ladies brunch is a little like breakfast, but with cocktails…lots of cocktails. Think Sex and the City (minus Mr. Big).

Hens Party Ideas


When it comes to hen’s parties it is often a good idea to have some fun activities planned to keep everyone entertained. Cupcake decorating might sound a little bit childish, but it’s also really fun! Have some cupcakes pre-made and set up a craft table with a variety of options for decorating including coloured frosting, edible glitter and whatever other fun and tasty pieces you can find.

Hens Party Ideas


Before the bride heads out on her hen’s night, treat her to a pamper package so she feels beautiful for her last night of freedom. Start with a relaxing massage, followed by a pedicure and manicure and finish up with a makeup artist and hair stylist. Once the bride is looking and feeling fabulous, take her out for some elegant cocktails so she can show off.

Hens Party Ideas


What bride wouldn’t want to emulate the queen of elegance and class, Audrey Hepburn? For the bride that has a soft spot for pearls and elbow-length gloves, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed hen’s party is the perfect event. Be sure to include a luxurious breakfast spread including fresh fruits and croissants. Incorporate plenty of Tiffany blue and long strings of pearls in the decor. You may also like to ask the guests to dress up, giving them the chance to dust off their tiaras and favourite little black dress.

30th Birthday Ideas


For the bride who really loves nothing more than a high-end meal, consider ditching the nightclubs for a 5-star restaurant with private helicopter charter. Private charters offer charter flights to a chosen destination, scenic tours of South-East Queensland and destination lunch packages to a range of sought-after venues and vineyards. Make her day extra special with a sky-high trip to lunch.

Hens Party Ideas


A weekend away is a great way to celebrate your bride to be’s upcoming nuptials. Book a large house on the coast or in the mountains for her closest loved ones. Get yourself to the house before the lady of honour and stock the bar car with her favourite spirits, cocktail ingredients and wines. Fill the fridge with fresh ingredients for home cooked meals and plenty and cheese and meats for charcuterie boards.

Hens Party Ideas


If your bride to be is a fitness fanatic who loves an early morning then organise a private group workout followed by a bottomless brunch. You can pick her favourite workout or challenge her to try something new. The options are endless with activities like boxing, Crossfit, yoga, pilates, barre, rock climbing and hiking to name a few.

Hens Party Ideas


For an outdoorsy bride to be a night glamping under the stars is a perfect celebration. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, in the luxurious comfort of glamour camping. Celebrate around the campfire before settling into your private tents complete with proper beds and all the amenities you could possibly need.

Wedding Planning Checklist – The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

There’s a diamond sparkling happily on your finger and everyone you know is asking “So, when’s the big day?” While wedding planning is a big task to undertake, it can be broken down into a range of little steps that will make the experience less stressful and more fun. Sit down with a glass of wine, grab that calendar, and let us walk you through the steps to a beautiful wedding.


The big question! Weddings are all about location, location, location. Once you’ve picked a spot, it all flows from there, so grab some brochures! Large wedding venues can generally cater for big or small guest lists, so whether you’re planning an intimate family ceremony or the biggest party of the year, you’ll be covered!


Food, glorious food. Nothing keeps guests happier than a wedding receptionwith mind-blowing catering. NKB offers a huge range of catered packages, including canapés, a la carte menus, and platters. Remember to check out some drinks packages to keep the night flowing merrily.


Summer or winter? Soon or far off on the horizon? The timing of the wedding dictates how long you’ll have to plan everything, so think carefully about when you want to tie the knot!


Flowers can make your dress pop, brighten up the function room, and freshen up the whole day. Think about what colours you’d like your wedding to be (yep, you have to colour coordinate!), and hunt around for a Brisbane florist that can make those bouquets sing.


Photos are the window back to your special day. They’ll hang on your walls, sit in the family albums, and be the reason your kids point at a picture one day and mumble, “Wow, you used to look so young!” Long story short, you want the photos to do your day justice, so seek out a professional wedding photographerwith an extensive portfolio.


It’s usually a good idea to pick an MC who knows you and your forever-partner-to-be. That way, the event will feel more personal and enjoyable to both you and your guests. If you can’t think of someone to put up there (or you just don’t want any embarrassing stories on the night), there are tonnes of local MC who can cater to whatever you need.


They’re not just there for a quick exchange after your vows – after all, those bad boys will be on your ring fingers from here on out. Pick carefully!


Ahh, the age-old conundrum: DJ or band? There are bucketloads of entertainment experts in Brisbane, and generally your venue can lend you a hand in sourcing out names. Lots of bands and DJs have sound samples on their websites these days, so grab some headphones and get listening!


Remember: you’re paying for every head at this wedding, so write your guest list with care! Plan ahead to order your invites and send them out with plenty of time. Getting earlier RSVPs will reduce your stress factor later on.


Have your cake and eat it too. Searching for the perfect wedding cake leads to the best part of wedding planning: tasting samples! At Nantucket, we have an in-house pastry chef who can take care of the cake for you, which frees up your time to focus on other things.


Brace yourself, because this will probably be the most time-consuming part of the event. Along with the inundation of “Have you picked your dress yet?” questions, you’ll also have to drag your bridesmaids along to pick out styles, try on outfits, and find a tailor who can fit you in. Don’t worry: the walk down that aisle makes it all worthwhile.


One of the final steps of your planning will probably involve searching Pinterest for hair styles and eyeshadow colours. Take the time to have some fun – model some different looks with the girls, play with colours at home, and book an artist who can make it all nice and easy.

The Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas For You


Your twenties are coming to an end. It’s nearly time to blow out the candles and welcome in the newest decade of your life as you celebrate your 30th Birthday party.

We’ve put together three 30th birthday party themes for your special day, and they’re memorable enough to fuel the social chatter until you turn 40.


Prepare your finest feather boa and send off your twenties with a ‘20s-themed shindig. Nickel is the ideal setting for your glamorous Gatsby-esque party to celebrate your 30th birthday.

Dress: Flapper dresses and tuxedos are your best friend at a Gatsby-style ‘do. Pair your outfit with a vintage brooch or feather headband for added effect.

Food:   Elegant canapes and finger food are the centrepiece to this social setting. Gather around plates of oysters and spanner crab cakes with aioli.

Beverages: Throwback to the 1920s with a round of champagne cocktails and classic martinis.

Décor: White, black, silver and gold suit a Gatsby theme well, while vintage punchbowls and champagne fountains are a sure fire way to enchant guests.


Journey to Cape Cod for this milestone birthday with a visit to Nantucket. With our bright, open-plan dining room, communal birthday dinners with friends and family are a breeze.

Dress: Join us in your Sunday best for this stylish group meal.

Food: We’ll treat you to Cape Cod favourites like corn bread, market fish of the day, and our chocolate and whisky tart.

Beverages: You won’t need to fish for a fun night out with our range of specialty cocktails and hard iced teas.

Décor: Our dining room is full of light colours to emanate a day out on the cape. Keep things bright and modern for a true immersion into our Cape Cod group dinner party.


Get a little retro with your celebrations with a casual American Diner party at our NKB Express. Toast the night with some chocolate shakes, share your fries ‘round the table, and beat back those cake cravings with a tasty birthday burger.

Dress: Blue suede shoes, leather jackets and high-waisted dresses were all the rage in the ‘40s.

Food: Choose from a range of American-inspired canapes and classic diner food like hot dogs and waffles.

Beverages: Shakes and sodas were the main diner drinks of choice, but you can splash out with our beer, wine, and cider package.

Décor: Think red, white and pastel blue for colour scheming. Add a hired jukebox with some old school tunes for the full ‘American diner’ effect.

How To Pick Your Bridal Party – Selection Tips

Whether you’re planning a small and intimate celebration at Brisbane’s best wedding venue or a big budget extravaganza for your wedding reception, your bridal party can play a big part in making every moment extra memorable. To make sure those moments are memorable for all the right reasons, here are our 5 tips to help you pick your bridal party.


You might be able to change your mind about everything from the dress to the invitation design, but once you’ve popped the ‘Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsmen?’ question, there’s no turning back. Take your time and think carefully about how each member of the party will interact with the others – you’ll be spending a lot of time together both on the day and in the lead up. Be sure to also pick responsible people who won’t let you down or embarrass you when it comes to their assigned tasks, because no one wants to ruin a relationship over a terrible speech or forgotten appointment.


Your close family has been with you through all the big moments in your life, and they should be by your side when you say ‘I do’ to the person they’re now welcoming into the fold. As the people who are still going to be by your side at your 10-year anniversary, brothers, sisters and even close cousins should be the first people you ask to do be a big part of your wedding. If you come from a big family and can’t include all of your siblings, give younger family members a responsibility like seating guests or holding the rings, so they still feel like a part of the proceedings.


How involved do you want the members of your bridal party to be in planning your big day? Should they block out the next six months in preparation for dress shopping and craft nights, or are you happy for them to just show up on the day? Either way, make sure every one knows what you expect of them and if they need to commit to any specific dates or tasks, otherwise you may just be setting yourself up for disappointment.


If you’re planning an intimate wedding for 30, a bridal party of 10 may seem a little out of place. The average wedding party size is four bridesmaids and four groomsmen, but for large weddings, you could have up to 12 people in the bridal party, while small weddings may have just 2 or 4. Just remember that the more people in your bridal party, the more people you’ll need to organise dress fittings, tux shopping and pre-wedding events with! If you want to include more people without needing to squeeze too many chairs into the bridal table, research other roles and delegate tasks to those who didn’t make the bridal party so they still feel extra special.


Just because you were a bridesmaid for your best friends sister 5 years ago, doesn’t mean you have to ask them to be in your bridal party to return the favour. Your wedding day is a time to be surrounded by the people who you and your partner feel closest too, and while you may been close to someone when they tied the knot, after changing jobs, having children or moving interstate, they may not be one of the people you feel close to any more.

With these 5 top tips to help you pick your wedding party, your special day will be spent by the side of people who will make it fun and full of precious moments!


Are you about to begin your journey down the aisle? If there’s one thing we know, it’s that your very first step starts with sifting through wedding ideas on Pintrest and nailing down the perfect theme. But if wedding inspiration has so far alluded you, then have no fear! The team at NKB have three perfect wedding ideas to help you on your way to ‘I do’.


A timeless romance like yours deserves a timeless setting, and nothing could be more elegant than a vintage wedding celebration with your family and friends.

The Clothes

From THE dress to your bridesmaid dresses, channel the elegance of Grace Kelly with a vintage wedding theme that will blow your guests away. Think delicate hand-made lace, sugary sweet pastel tones and elegant corsages. Retro has never looked this good!

The Menu

Speaking of retro, there’s never been a better excuse to take a step back in time and get in touch with the comforts of home-style cooking in an elegant setting. Make your guests feel right at home with decadent comfort food like handcrafted meatloaf with parish mash and veal jus or wild mushroom tagliatelle with parmesan and truffle.

The Styling

You’ve got the dress and the menu now all you have left to handle is the decorations. Make your wedding reception theme go the distance by adding a touch of shabby chic to the mix. Whether its flowers arranged in upcycled jars and vases, delicate antique lace table cloths or a selection of vintage crockery, when it comes to finding your wedding inspiration, what’s old is new again.


Want a wedding idea with a little more sizzle? Take a trip to the cool crisp shores of Cape Cod with a beach inspired wedding theme.

The Clothes

Who said you can’t recreate the crisp, clean allure of the beachside wedding right in the heart of the river city? Keep it simple and elegant with a classic A-line dress in chiffon or let you accessories do the talking with a minimalist, floaty maxi dress with native flowers in your hair. Skip the veil and train, if it would drag in the sand at the beach then it will drag on the dancefloor in the city.

The Menu

Get a taste for Cape Cod cuisine at your wedding reception with a menu brimming with the season’s best locally sourced seafood. Think freshly shucked oysters, decadent lobsters and and potted garlic prawns served sizzling at the table. Wash it down with summer inspired cocktails like Pimm’s or hand crafted hard iced-teas and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect wedding feast.

The Styling

When it comes to styling your wedding venue, we believe that less is more. Delicately decorate crisp white linen tablecloths with nautical accents like rope or blue and white striped table runners and silver cutlery. For added impact try to include a subtle sailing design to your menus and invitations.


You don’t care what anyone else has to say, your relationship is proof that fairy tales really do come true and you want a fairytale wedding theme to match. So if you really want to make your happily ever after’s come true, the fairy tale wedding is right up your alley.

 The Clothes

Really want to make an impact on your guests? Then your journey to wedding inspiration begins with finding the perfect dress. Unleash your inner princess with an opulent ball gown styled dress in tulle or a dramatic trailing veil. And for your prince charming? There’s nothing quite so dashing as a man in a tuxedo.

The Menu

A decadent wedding theme calls for a decadent menu to match, so ditch the canapes and go straight main event with an elegant sit down feast. Think roasted asparagus with slow cooked egg, parmesan custard, serrano ham and gremolata crumb, slow roasted lamb shoulder with Jerusalem artichokes, raisins and sage and top with endless bottles of champagne.

The Styling

Finally, turn your wedding venue into your very own fairy tale fantasy with thoughtful and romantic decorations. From an enchanted garden festooned with lush flowers, to romantic and whimsical lighting schemes courtesy of cast iron lanterns and fairy lights, there’s no limit to your wedding inspiration when you’ve got our friendly team as your fairy godmothers.


Chic and always destined to match, dedicate your day to two colours that will never go out of style. We’ve all cringed at wedding photos with bridal parties packed with clashing colours – ditch the curse with simple style and timeless elegance.

A classic black and white wedding theme will leave you with happy guests, easy shopping lists, and wedding albums without great aunt Hilda rocking the noisiest outfit you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Simple black and white wedding ideas…

A gorgeous black dress and ivory bouquet will have every bridesmaid feeling fab, and with a white bridal gown and black suit for the groom, heading to the altar has never looked so schmick. Add a pocket square for the groom or jewellery for the bridesmaids to add a splash of colour.

Your elegant black and white wedding theme is easily carried over to the wedding reception venue with inclusions of monochrome signage, striped tablecloths, black linen napkins, and themed confetti. Top it all off with clever menu inclusions such as oysters and cupcakes rocking black and white icing, and you’ve got a personalized wedding with unmatched style!

Wedding Themes & Ideas


Take it from us – after the long haul of wedding planning, every couple in town will be dreaming of ‘getting back to nature’ for an escape. Escape the city’s hustle and bustle with a rustic ceremony at an affordable wedding reception venue such as a vineyard, garden or farm.

Rustic wedding theme ideas…

For rustic wedding theme colours, keep things within a natural range – think pastel pinks, forest greens, and earthy tones. Dress bridesmaids in flowing chiffon dresses and complement your chosen colours with wooden furniture and brass-coloured tableware.

To add an extra element to your rustic wedding decorations, why not serve canapés and share platters on wine barrel cocktail tables?

Wedding Themes & Ideas


Avast! Can’t make it to the coast for the coastal wedding of your dream (or don’t want to risk beach hair in your photos)? Bring the sand and the sea to you with some nautical wedding theming. Whoever said a CBD beach wedding was impossible?

Nautical wedding ideas…

Kick off your wedding theming and welcome guests aboard with nautical themed wedding invitations dressed up with letterpress anchors.

If you still managed to grab that summer glow, carry that casual beach-side atmosphere over into the wardrobe with a strapless bridal gown and linen grooms’ suit. And while nautical themed bridesmaid dresses may sound like a mission, shorter skirts and blue-green tones are all you’ll need.

After dressing up your venue of choice in decorations styled after ship wheels, anchors, and lifeguard rings you’ll be ready to set sail over dinner: all that’s needed? Seafood platters set over blue table runners.

Take your favourite wedding ideas and run with them – it’s your day, so make sure it feels like yours!

Wedding Themes & Ideas


If you and your partner are regular music festival goers, why not let this shared interest inspire your big day. This is a particularly good idea for summer brides as this is when festival season is usually held allowing you to incorporate the same fun, relaxed, carefree vibe you get from hanging out at your favourite festival. Here are some essentials that should be included in your festival style wedding.

Festival Style Wedding Ideas…

Flower crowns are a classic festival motif and also look beautiful on a bride. Building flower crowns is a fun activity for you and your bridal party. On the big day, team your flower crown with a light and comfortable white or cream boho style dress. The groom can keep things casual as well with a white cotton or linen shirt and tailored shorts.

Choose a wedding reception venue that brings to mind a festival location such as a grassy paddock with a festoon and plenty of fairy lights. For wedding catering, consider hiring some food trucks. This is a unique wedding catering idea that allows your wedding reception to feature a variety of cuisines from around the world just like at a festival. This is much more exciting than the traditional lamb or chicken option. Festivals are all about live music, any festival themed wedding needs a great live band that will keep you dancing late into the night.

Wedding Themes & Ideas


An outback style wedding makes the most of Australia’s beautiful country landscape. Country style weddings often include country or outback motifs such as the inclusion of horses, utes and maybe even cowboy boots.

Outback weddings aren’t just popular amongst those who live regionally. Many couples choose to have their weddings in country locations as it can be more cost-effective and also allows for plenty of space. Not to mention there are hundreds of beautiful spots to get married in outback Australia.

54 Of The Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas

Start planning your 21st birthday with these brilliant ideas.

When it comes to organising a 21st birthday party, the biggest challenge is standing out from all the other events often happening in your friendship group. Luckily for you we have put together some unique birthday party ideas to will guarantee your 21st birthday party is one that will stay in your guests mind long after the party and have your mates wishing ‘I wish I had thought of that.’

21 Balloons for your 21st birthday

Plan Your Birthday Party theme

You only turn 21 once, have fun with it! Set your 21st birthday party theme to something that’s all about you, whether you create the ultimate function club and all your friends dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name or something/someone from the year you were born to celebrate you and your big day!

Tuxedos and Tiaras

This theme is a little like ‘black tie’ but bigger, better and with much more bling. This is the perfect 21st birthday party theme for the Birthday boy or gal who’s a little bit extra and proud of it. Think tiaras, pearls, and diamonds for days. Forget subtly, when it comes to a Tux and Tiara party more is always more.

70’s Disco

Disco themed parties were widely considered faux Pas for the last couple of decades but now they are finally having a moment! If you want to be ahead of the curb, a disco themed 21st birthday party is great way to let loose with your friends and family. Invest in great lighting, fun music and a truly outrageous outfit. We guarantee your disco themed 21st will be the grooviest party of the year.

Intergalactic Rodeo

The space Cowboy theme is about to blow up. How do we know? Because it’s fun, original and also because Kylie Jenner did it. This theme combines intergalactic futuristic alien and wild western vibes. This theme can be interpreted in many different ways, for example when you think of a space Cowboy you might think of Hans Solo or Rey from Star Wars, or you may think you a western style cowboy or girl with glittery cowboy boots and a matching hat. This theme is fun, original and certainly something no-one will forget.

Welcome to The Circus

Another fun 21st theme is ‘Welcome to the Circus’. Set up your birthday party venue like big top, hire a popcorn machine and encourage all your guest to dress up as something strange and magical you might see at the circus. For inspiration, you might want to watch ‘The Greatest Showman’ for some ideas about costumes and overall aesthetics. One idea is to rock a pink wig like everyone’s favourite Instagram it girl ‘Zenyada’ who plays a trapeze artist in the movie.

Your Favourite Colour Party

This is a simple theme that is easy for both you and your guests. Encourage your guests to wear your favourite colour then choose food, drinks, and decor to match. While the theme is simple it is also visually very effective and creates a really cool aesthetic.

Midnight to Midnight

Why not make the most of this milestone and turn it into an all day affair? Ok, so it might not be midnight to midnight, but with The pub opening at 11am you can cruise down after a sleep in (which everyone deserves on their birthday, right?) just in time for lunch.

The Costume Challenge

While a good ol’ costume party is not exactly a revelation, try challenging your guests to dress up only as people who were born on the same day as you. Bizarre costumes guaranteed.

The Surprise (Sort Of)

Sick of researching endless function rooms in brisbaneand fretting about your 21st? Let your family and friends take over the duties, but with one condition. Tell them they can do whatever they want, as long as it’s at the pub. That way you know the venue will be on point, and we’ll make sure your mum doesn’t go overboard with the sentimental stuff.

The Sophisticated Adult Option

Act like the adult that you now officially are and enjoy a private dining experience with your nearest and dearest in one of Brisbane’s best function rooms.

The Boozy Brunch

Unlucky enough to have your 21st fall on a school night? Yeah, that’s most of us. Our suggested 21st birthday party idea is a boozy brunch, instead of a wild night. You still get the celebratory drinks but you aren’t left cursing your adult freedom the morning after.

 The Selfie Scavenger Hunt

In this day and age there’s only one way to preserve your memories, and that’s through selfies. Put together a list and spend the night making memories as you try and fulfil your friends 21 most bizarre selfie challenges.

Make Two Days of It

Fortunately for us lucky Australians, we can begin our celebrations before 21 actually rolls around. Start the celebration a day before your actual birthday to make the most of the occasion.

 The Party With a View

When you think of your birthday and the photos you’ll be looking back on in the years to come, what do you envision? If it’s you and all your friends looking on top of the world, book out a rooftop bar and get that skyline view in your birthday shots.

Scenic Flights

Your 21st is one of the biggest events in your life. Step into adulthood with an epic scenic flight with a few of your closest. Helicopter charters in Brisbane offer a range of chartered and scenic flights around South East Queensland. Glide over North Stradbroke and Moreton Island or take in Brisbane City from a bird’s eye view.

The Artistic Option

Step out of the cookie cutter mould and show your artistic side. Fish Lane Studios is a dynamic, creative space that you can deck out however you like for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Free Room Hire Friday

Whether your birthday does or does not fall on a Friday, hold off trying to fit in all the celebrations that 21 deserves on a Tuesday, and push it out to a Friday function at one of the best venues in town. With free room hire, buy one get one free food platters and free bottle service with set bar spends, it won’t hurt to postpone your celebrations – click here to find out more.

The Mid-Week Soiree

If your heart is set on celebrating on the day of, don’t worry about what we said in #11. Function venues have many great options for a mid-week soiree too, with cocktail functions starting from only $45pp. Just make sure to let everyone know in advance so they can think up a good excuse for a sickie the day after.

Skip the Queue

Nothing will bring down your 21st more the standing in line at the bar all night. Avoid this by setting yourself up in a spectacular function room. With it’s own private bar you’ll have fuss free drinks all night.

The House Party

Want the vibes of a house party but without the hassle of hosting? Brisbane has so many function room options that you can get the house party feel whether you’re inviting 50 or 500 people.

The Entertainer

Set your 21st apart by going the route of live entertainment in the pub. With its own stage you can invite along everyone you know to bask in the atmosphere of your live music choices.

21 Drinks

This one is perhaps the most well known and worst idea of them all, according to your liver. We can’t stress this enough, but don’t try and cram all those drinks into one sitting. Enjoy a full day celebration, starting with a champagne breakfast and going from there.

The Colourful Option

Or the not so colourful option, if that’s your thing. Just get everyone to turn up in the same colour, whether it’s a bright green or an all white affair, it’s an easy way to make an impact.

The Un-Deletable Photos

Supply plenty of disposable cameras to your guests and get them to snap all night long. While you’re probably going to cringe at some (ok, most) of the snaps, they’re memories you can enjoy for many years.

The Themed Option

You either love or hate themed parties, but if you’re a fan, there’s no better time to throw one than your 21st. Base your theme on the year you were born and get ready to feel nostalgic.

The Personalised Playlist

Ramp up the sentimental factor of the occasion and get those closest to you to compile a playlist of 21 songs that remind them of you. Incorporate it into the speeches, or play it loud to kick things off.

Enjoy Yourself

This is our most important tip of all for your 21st. Enjoy yourself! No matter what you get up to, take the time to mark the occasion in whatever way suits you.

The letter theme

OK, let’s take a trip down memory lane, way back when we all learnt the alphabet for the first time. Yes, we are referring to ‘Munching Mike’ and ‘Annie Apple’! This is now the foundation for your next party theme – get everyone to dress up as something starting with the first letter of your name or their own name! An instant classic and guaranteed to produce hilarious results, get those creative juices flowing and watch your party kick into over drive – unless your name is Xenia…then you might need to go back to the drawing board.

Masquerade theme

Ooh la la a Masquerade party, notoriously elegant and sophisticated! Who is that beautiful girl with the blonde locks? Who is that handsome gentleman in the tux? Who kissed who? No one will ever know until the masks come off and you have some serious soul searching to do when you realize you’ve been chatting up your cousin for 45 minutes – but hey, talk about an anecdote you’ll be sharing for the next 21 years.

White theme

Forget your LBD, make your 21st a white theme for the ultimate 21st birthday statement. Yes, sister we are entering serious Beyonce and Solange territory! Nothing says suave better than everyone dressed in white, maybe just avoid the red wine…

Great Gatsby

It’s been done many times before, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Pay homage to the grand party era of the 1920’s with a Great Gatsby themed party. Feathered headbands, sparkling dresses, cocktails and a mix of jazz and ragtime music. You can’t get more festive than that.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

If you have an affinity for the weird and wacky then treat your guests to a mystical, mind-blowing Mad Hatters Tea Party. Mix and match furniture of all shapes and sizes, have white roses painted in red on the table, odd-shaped dishes and cups, quirky cocktails and unique canapes.

Double Denim

For something more laid black, don your double denims and hit the dance floor in comfort. Who knew Jess and Justin would start the party trend of a lifetime. Or in a similar fashion, you can opt for a 90’s theme party when double denim, white sneakers and speed sunnies were a hit. It’s fun, easy and automatically lightens the mood of any party.

Beer for your 21st Birthday Party

Start Early: Birthday eve

One of our favourite 21st birthday party ideas: Take a practice run and host a pre-party on the eve of your 21st birthday! You’ve got all day to recover before you do it all over again for your actual 21stbirthday party!

Hottest 21

Dedicate your 21st birthday party to the things you love! Have a “Hottest 21” countdown of your favourite 21 songs. You’ll be guaranteed to spend the night on the dancefloor showing your friends just how well you can move.

21 Drinks

21st Birthday Beverage ideas

Now, we’re not recommending that you do this in the space of a few hours. Start your 21st birthday off with a champagne breakfast, make your way to some lunchtime mimosas and see if you can get through 21 drinks before midnight (or before passing out, whichever comes first).   

Invitation Ideas

Make your 21st birthday invitations kooky enough that nobody will want to miss it. You can write a riddle that your friends will have to solve to figure out the party details or just get crafty and make them on the back of cut outs of your face.

Scavenger Hunt Make a list of 21 tasks to complete before the night is up for you and your friends at your 21st birthday party. The tasks can be simple enough that they can be performed at the bar, the losers have to buy the winner a drink!

Decorate Your Function Space

Once you’ve finished searching for the top function room reviews, design your function space your own by hanging 21st birthday decorations everywhere. Create a photo timeline or slideshow, cover the place in balloons and lanterns to make the party truly your own.

21st Birthday Party Decoration ideas

Digital birthday cards

In lieu of birthday cards, organise a responsible person (i.e mum or dad) to go around the party videoing your friends wishing you a happy 21st birthday. The messages are bound to get funnier through the night.

Memory jar

Have an empty box, blank paper and pens set up somewhere at your 21st birthday party and instruct all of your friends to write down a funny or nice memory they have with you, you can read out them out later in the night for some laughs and “awws”.

Disposable cameras

Place disposable cameras around the party so that people can snap away throughout the night and document your 21st birthday party! This is bound to have funny results that, unlike a bad iPhone selfie or snapchat story, can’t be deleted.


Don’t go in unprepared, make sure you stock up on 21st birthday supplies so that you’re ready for whatever the night throws at you. Tissues for those heart-warming speeches, a sick bag for the next morning and a pizza ready in the fridge for when you stumble home at the end of the night with the munchies.

For girls

For a truly girly girl’s 21st birthday, pamper yourself! Get your hair, makeup and nails done. Splurge on that dress you love so that you can look and feel like the party princess you are for the big night!

21st Birthday Party ideas

 For guys

Guys can pamper themselves too, but if that’s not your idea of fun, you can have more of a “blokey” guy’s 21st birthday by doing whatever you fancy, whether it’s catching an afternoon game or sinking some pre-party beers with your mates.


You’re probably going to get some pretty special gifts for your 21st birthday but if you’re worried you won’t get that special something you have your eye on, start dropping subtle hints to your friends and family leading up to the big day so that your 21st birthday presents won’t end up getting returned.


A fun way to make your 21st birthday unique is to play some games that will not only show how much your friends all know and care about you but will also give you a walk down memory lane. Think up some games that will test your friends’ knowledge of how well they really know you.


Hire a karaoke machine and get ready to belt out all your favourite songs! Not only is karaoke lots of fun but you can totally embarrass your friends when it comes to their 21st birthday with the sneaky footage you took when it was their turn behind the mic.

Party X

Attach a go pro to your person or place it somewhere in the venue at your 21st birthday party or even just tell everyone to take lots of videos. You may not want to watch the footage the next day though, or ever.

Birth-weekend Bender

You only turn 21 once, you may as well milk it for all it’s got! Three nights of partying means triple the fun, right?

Get fancy

Demonstrate your maturity and organise classy canapés and cocktails at the venue for your 21st birthday party so that you can look the part of being a legal adult (even if you don’t quite feel like it yet).

Don’t get fancy

Totally disregard tip #19 and embrace your youth before it disappears forever! Turn those canapés into mini cheeseburgers and swap those cocktails for beers! It’s your 21st birthday party, you can act however you want!